2015 LC

The 2015 Dublin Local Committee Members:


Craig Rafter, President

CraigHey everybody, my name is Craig; I’m a student in University College Dublin in the first year of my Masters of Electronic and Computer Engineering.  I’m currently on work placement with the TV Technology Development unit at S3 Group, an international electronics solutions provider founded here in Ireland.  I love to spend my free time watching movies, reading, and teaching myself new things, whether it be a new programming language or learning about new technologies and anything else I find fascinating, I also enjoy playing hockey! I am passionate about travelling and exploring new places which is why I thought IAESTE was the perfect opportunity for me.

I went on IAESTE placement during the summer of 2013 at FESB in the University of Split, Croatia.  While there I created a suite of data analysis macros to process the raw data produced by the M.A.G.I.C. Telescope project.  As well as learning an unbelievable amount I made many new wonderful friends in Split, both the other trainees and the Split Local Committee were the best company I could have hoped to have while exploring Croatia and its wonderful culture. I got involved with the Dublin LC the moment I got back and was lucky enough to be sent to JUMP 2013 in Malta with Roanne where we met other enthusiastic IAESTE members and learned all about IAESTE.  I am delighted to be President of the Dublin LC this year and I look forward to welcoming our 2014 trainees and helping the LC provide an exciting summer programme and a fantastic IAESTE experience.


Camille O’Malley, Vice President

CamilleHey there! My name is Camille and I am currently in my final year of a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry in University College Dublin. When I’m not “nerding out” in the lab, you’ll find me in the water-surfing, swimming, sailing, whatever I can. I have that quintessential “Joie de Vive” and I’m often singing at the top of lungs or a having a bit of a giggle! During my third year I decided I wanted to gain some real-life technical experience in laboratory chemistry so I applied to IAESTE. The idea of outing groups of international students with similar interests together for hard work and a good time seemed too good to be true! I was offered an incredible internship in Vicosa, Brazil for three months of the summer. Unfortunately, this offer came about 2 days AFTER I paid in full for my J1 visa for the United States! Yep…IN.FULL. Some serious thinking and a few long nights later, I cancelled my J1 visa and accepted my offer in Brazil. Best decision ever. South America is vast and incredible, so my IAESTE experience was unique. There was a smaller group of interns in my city but we still had an unbelievable time. The Local Committee’s and National Committee’s were an invaluable support for the duration of my stay. My research project had me crossed between the Department of Organic Chemistry and the Department of Entomology, which meant, unusually, I was indoors and outdoors in equal measures!

The skills that I gained from my traineeship have proven very important throughout my Bachelor’s research project. Both the research/laboratory skills and the confidence I’ve built in my social skills. The internship in Vicosa definitely helped me decide to stay in research after I graduate next year. I’m so excited to be elected Vice-President for the coming IAESTE year. My experience has completely changed me and I’m looking forward to making sure that this year’s trainee’s get that “IAESTE-Feeling”-Its contagious!


Niamh O’Brien, Public Relations Officer (PRO)

NiamhHey there! My name is Niamh and I am currently in my third year of Electronic Engineering in UCD. The best way to describe me is probably that I am always busy! Whether it be playing basketball, wind surfing, playing the flute or being a part time interior designer; I always have something going on and I am very open to new experiences. Therefore IAESTE was exactly what I wanted in terms of improving my engineering knowledge and at the same time having the opportunity to immerse myself in another culture and make friends from all over the world.

I was delighted to spend 15 weeks in Lucerne, Switzerland working with metal oxide semiconductor sensors in a company called Ionair. The experience I gained while working has been invaluable to me as I continue my studies and provided me with many professional skills. I cannot overstate how worthwhile and enjoyable my time in Switzerland was, from bungee jumping to water rafting to hiking the Swiss Alps; I was in my element! I learned so much about the Swiss culture; the music, the cuisine (chocolate), the history, not to mention the cultures of all the other IAESTE trainees! As Public Relations Officer of the Dublin Local Committee I hope to highlight what a fantastic organisation that IAESTE is and to give all the IAESTE trainees as great an experience as I had.


Ciara Farmer, Secretary

CiaraHi Everyone! My name is Ciara and I’m currently working for an Engineering firm in Dublin after graduating from a degree in Structural Engineering with Architecture in UCD. I did my IAESTE traineeship in Austria last year where I worked in the Civil and Structural department of Seimens VAI. It was the perfect opportunity to get me an insight into the working dynamics of and engineering team before embarking on my career, as the structural engineering industry in Ireland has been quiet for the last few years due to the economic downturn, gaining experience like this was hard to come by.

It was also a great opportunity to travel and immerse myself in a new culture which I loved! Austria was not somewhere I ever thought about going, except maybe for skiing, but it was a beautiful country with fantastic people. I definitely have a bit of a travel bug now! You really get an appreciation for how big the IAESTE community is, especially on the weekend trips organized to places like Prague, Budapest, Munich and the various cities in Austria where you meet trainees and members who have gained so much from their traineeships or by just being involved with their IAESTE local committee. I really wanted to make time to give something back by being involved this year as a member and even though I’ve left college now I have taken on the role of Secretary for the Dublin Local Committee. I’m really looking forward to meeting the outgoing and incoming trainees as they embark on their IAESTE journey and hope they have as great an experience.


Jerico Pingul, Technical Lead

JericoHello everyone! My name is Jerico and I’m currently pursuing a Masters degree in Computer and Electronic Engineering in University College Dublin (UCD). At this time I’m a CoE (Centre of Expertise) Support Engineer Intern at SAP here in Dublin. Last summer, I undertook my IAESTE internship in Budapest, Hungary at the Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics, Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences with a project on a Raspberry Pi. Not only did I work but I got to meet and live with fellow trainees from around the globe, experience different cultures, travel to and discover other parts of Europe: Vienna, Prague in addition to other cities in Hungary.

In my free time I enjoy learning programming, playing and trying out sports and activities such as: basketball, badminton, volleyball and CrossFit. I look forward to making a positive contribution to the committee and meeting all of the 2015 incoming trainees!




Jonathan Gorman, Connect Region (CoRe) Representative

JohnnyHello there, my name is Jonathan – but everyone calls me Johnny. I am currently studying for a Master’s degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering at University College Dublin (UCD). I am unique in the fact that I am the only member of the Dublin LC to have never actually completed a traineeship with IAESTE, albeit that I was offered a very interesting web-engineering based traineeship in Kaunas, Lithuania in 2013. Unfortunately for a number of reasons the aforementioned, and increasingly dubious, traineeship was unable to take place, but I still managed to gain an internship based in Ireland (thankfully). I am a bit of a technology geek, but I do try and find time for some of the more ‘normal’ things in life. I am a sports enthusiast – I love all types of sport from rugby and soccer to mountain biking and skateboarding.

I was more than happy when I was approached to become the Connect Region representative for the Dublin LC for the current operating year as it would give me an opportunity to not only meet up with my current IAESTE friends, but represent IAESTE Ireland on an international level. I am looking forward to meeting all incoming trainees in 2014 and I’m sure we’ll all have a great time together! Until then, future friends – Johnny.