2016 LC

The 2016 Dublin Local Committee Members:


Philip Corr, President

Philip Corr
Hey everyone, my name is Philip. I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in Electronics and Computer Engineering in University College Dublin. As part of the programme, I will be working in SAP from January until August. I enjoy all the nerdy things that are associated with being an Electronics Engineer be it programming or working with hardware but I also enjoy cooking and anything with a bit of adventure, be it wind surfing, rock climbing, triathlons or going to Brazil with IAESTE!

Being in Brazil during the summer of 2014 was an incredible, surreal experience. I was working as a signal processing engineer in UNESP, a university in Bauru, north of Sao Paulo. It was great to get an insight into research and I am a much better Engineer because of it! I got to know friends from all over Brazil and weather it was enjoying the famous Brazilian Barbeque in Sao Paulo, walking the friendship bridge between Brazil and Paraguay or celebrating the world cup on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro, theexperiences I had while there are ones that would never have been possible without IAESTE. I’m really looking forward to being president for the following year and, with the help of the local committee, I will do my best to grow IAESTE and give all the students involved an experience as great as mine was!

Niamh O’Brien, Vice President

Hey there! My name is Niamh and I am currently studying a masters in Electronic and Computer Engineering in UCD. The best way to describe me is probably that I am always busy! Whether it be playing basketball, wind surfing, playing the flute or being a part time interior designer; I always have something going on and I am very open to new experiences. Therefore IAESTE was exactly what I wanted in terms of improving my engineering knowledge and at the same time having the opportunity to immerse myself in another culture and make friends from all over the world.

I was delighted to spend 15 weeks in Lucerne, Switzerland working with metal oxide semiconductor sensors in a company called Ionair. The experience I gained while working has been invaluable to me as I continue my studies and provided me with many professional skills. I cannot overstate how worthwhile and enjoyable my time in Switzerland was, from bungee jumping to water rafting to hiking the Swiss Alps; I was in my element! I learned so much about the Swiss culture; the music, the cuisine (chocolate), the history, not to mention the cultures of all the other IAESTE trainees! Last year I was Public Relations Officer of the Dublin Local Committee I had the great job of telling everyone who would listen to me fantastic organisation that IAESTE is. I hope to continue in this vain as I take on the role of being vice-president of the committee. I hope to bring the experience I gained from being on the committee last year to make 2016 an even more successful year for IAESTE in Ireland.

Joseph Squire, Job Raising Officer

Joseph Squire
Hey everybody! My name is Joseph, and I am currently studying a masters in Mechanical Engineering at University College Dublin. In my spare time at UCD, I take part in numerous pastimes and activities, but in particular football with the societies. If I was to narrow down such a broad course to my favourite areas, it would definitely include Thermodynamic Engineering, which had lead me to the experience of a life-time in Brazil with IAESTE. I was in Brazil for 2 months in the summer of 2015. My work was based in the state of Espírito Santo, in the small town of Aracruz and I had completed a research project in the field of thermodynamic engineering with a professor working in the college of FAACZ (Faculdades Integradas de Aracruz) The experience was definitely the most influential and beneficial experience I have had in Engineering to date and has definitely helped narrow the spectrum of careers which are available to ourselves studying Mechanical Engineering.

But the experience was certainly not limited to the academic/career side of things. This opportunity resulted in me travelling around Brazil, most notable of which had lead me to visit the never sleeping city of Rio de Janeiro and it is a cultural experience like this that really changes who you are as a person as well as an engineer. Whether it be witnessing a real barbecue for the first time, or indeed seeing how the population of Ireland can fit into a single city of Brazil and party until the sun comes up! I see my job raising co-ordinator task as a privilege, and a definite means of paying back IAESTE for such an experience. Such an opportunity that students can have with IAESTE really is a life-changing experience and I look forward to playing my part in helping IAESTE become what it deserves to be.


Conor Dempsey, Public Relations Officer (PRO)

Conor Dempsey
Hey there! My name is Conor and I am in the first year of my Master’s Degree in Material Science and Engineering in UCD. I like to divide my time between fun and interesting things. Some of these are attempting any sport I can, reading, watching movies, and going on Wikipedia for something specific only to find myself somewhere unrelated hours later. At the end of my third year I was torn between going on a J1 and doing an internship. This was when I was informed I could do both at once with IAESTE!
I spent 13 weeks in Changzhou, China working for Mettler-Toledo. The experience on this as well as the personal growth I achieved during the summer has been enormously helpful to me already and I can honestly say it has changed my life (hopefully for the better). I made friends with people from every continent in the world through IAESTE and I feel obliged to share my experience with anyone who will listen. I love talking about it so I felt the best place to do this is as PRO so I am delighted to be elected this year so I can continue expanding this incredible organisation!