Dublin LC

About Us:

The Local Committee (LC) of Dublin was officially formed in the latter part of 2012 by a group of Irish IAESTE alumni. In 2018 the IAESTE Ireland, Dublin LC is bigger and better than ever. The IAESTE experience that each of the LC has received to date is sure to equip them with the experience and desire to run and promote IAESTE throughout Ireland- while also creating an exciting summer program for all of our incoming trainees.

We volunteer, and work in collaboration with the National Committee (IAESTE Ireland), and Léargas, an arm of the Department of Education and Skills.

With the help of our ever-expanding IAESTE contacts around the world, we aim continually have an established committee and thriving presence in Dublin for years to come, that continues to promote the IAESTE programme, thus ensuring a thorough cultural exchange for many more students.

Aims and Responsibilities:

  • To promote the IAESTE programme and recruit interested technical students in Third Level education in Dublin.
  • To prepare and orientate outgoing trainees selected for placement abroad.
  • To run and co-ordinate a programme of summer events for incoming trainees.
  • To be a local source of contact and assistance for incoming trainees and alumni.
  • To build links with other IAESTE Local Committees around the world through “twinnings” and attendance at official IAESTE events.

To meet the Dublin local committee members follow the links below: