Employer’s FAQ

What do I pay?
The only cost to the employer is the wage of the student involved. This should be in line with living standards and at least at minimum wage level (currently €8.65 per hour). Costs relating to administration, travel and accommodation are covered by IAESTE Ireland or the trainee. Where necessary, non-transferable non-extendable work permits are issued through IAESTE Ireland and are not charged to the employer.
What if the trainee needs a visa or work permit?
Where a visa to enter Ireland is required, the sending IAESTE country will assist the trainee in obtaining this. Work permits, if necessary, are arranged by IAESTE Ireland directly with the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment.
Can the traineeship period be extended?
Traineeships can usually be extended with the agreement of the employer, trainee and IAESTE Ireland. The only exception is for trainees who require work permits, as these cannot be transferred or extended under any circumstances.
What country will the trainee be from?
Employers can request exchanges with specific countries if required. Otherwise, the traineeship will be exchanged with any suitable member country in return for an offer in that country for an Irish student. As soon as your traineeship is exchanged IAESTE Ireland will inform the employer of their trainee’s nationality.
Can I offer a traineeship to a particular student only?
Yes, but this is considered a ‘reserved offer’ which has a slightly different administrative procedure. Please contact IAESTE Ireland for details.
What if I am not happy with the nomination?
The final decision regarding acceptance of a student lies entirely with the employer. If there are any questions about the candidate, phone or email interviews can be arranged. In the event that the candidate is not deemed suitable, we ask that IAESTE in the sending country has a chance to nominate an alternative student. If no alternative is available, the offer may be opened up to all IAESTE countries via the IntraWeb.
Can I withdraw an offer of a traineeship?
IAESTE operates on a reciprocal exchange basis, so that each traineeship offered in Ireland guarantees a traineeship abroad for an Irish student. For this reason we ask that once an offer of traineeship is made, barring exceptional circumstances it is kept available until a candidate deemed suitable by the employer is found.
How do I offer a traineeship?
If you would like to offer a traineeship, please complete the Offer of Training Form in as much detail as possible. The information supplied on this form will be used to match a candidate with your traineeship, so all requirements should be listed. You can find the form online here.